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Answer: A engineer specializes in only one area of a building such as electrical, structural or mechanical. A certified building inspector specializes in all aspects of a building.  A home inspector are trained for residential properties with very little on commercial buildings. Their speciality is homes.  A commercial building inspector it trained strictly on commercial and industrial buildings this is their speciality.  Commercial Building Inspectors and Home inspectors are like apple and oranges.  


A building inspector plays a crucial role in reporting on the condition of a building. Here are some of the reasons why building inspectors are important: 

1. Building inspectors are the expert eye providing the client with their professional opinion on the current condition of a building through a detailed inspection report with pictures, the inspectors findings and recommendations.


2. Building inspectors can help prevent fraudulent activities such as the use of substandard materials, underreporting of building costs, repairing or replacing items that didn't need to be done, and other forms of dishonesty.

3. Building inspectors can help promote energy efficiency by ensuring that buildings meet energy standards. This can help reduce energy consumption and save building owners money on energy costs.

4. Building inspectors can provide guidance to architects, builders, and property owners on building standards, and other requirements. This can help save the client time, money, and stress. 

5. Overall, building inspectors are an essential component of the building industry, ensuring that buildings are functional, meet standards, and are assessed accurately saving you time, money, and stress before leasing a property, buying a property, selling a property replacing items in your building, and or doing renovations.  A building inspector has no invested interest in making money off repairs and or replacements in your building like a contractor does.  Have us inspect it first with our non-biased inspection service so you know it needs to be repaired or replaced before you spend thousands of dollars.  Building inspectors save clients money by advising clients what the cost of a repair or replacement of an item should be ensuring a client doesn't spend money on something they didn't need to spend money on and they don't pay too much.  Over the years we helped our clients save thousands of dollars.  Protect your investment so it doesn't become an overhead with our inspection service. 


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