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At Edmonton Inspection Services we provide building inspection services, commercial building inspection services, retail building inspection services, modular building inspection services, and recreational vehicle inspection services in Edmonton, Alberta, and all surrounding areas.


A building inspector plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and compliance of buildings with building codes and regulations. Here are some of the reasons why building inspectors are important:

Ensuring safety: Building inspectors are responsible for checking that a building is structurally sound, has adequate fire safety measures, and meets other safety standards. By ensuring that buildings meet these requirements, they help protect the people who live, work, or visit the building.

Enforcing building codes: Building codes are in place to ensure that buildings are constructed to certain standards. Building inspectors are responsible for enforcing these codes, which can help prevent substandard construction practices that could lead to accidents or other problems.

Preventing fraud: Building inspectors can help prevent fraudulent activities such as the use of substandard materials, underreporting of building costs, and other forms of dishonesty.

Promoting energy efficiency: Building inspectors can help promote energy efficiency by ensuring that buildings meet energy codes and standards. This can help reduce energy consumption and save building owners money on energy costs.

Providing guidance: Building inspectors can provide guidance to architects, builders, and property owners on building codes, zoning regulations, and other legal requirements. This can help ensure that buildings are designed and constructed in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Overall, building inspectors are an essential component of the construction industry, ensuring that buildings are safe, functional, and compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.


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