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Industrial building inspectors and Inspection services

The Importance of Industrial Building Inspections

If you own or manage an industrial building, regular comprehensive inspections of the building and its systems are critical to ensure safety, compliance and avoiding expensive emergency repairs. Industrial buildings typically house heavy machinery, equipment, and components that experience a lot of wear and tear over the years. Getting professional building inspections help identify any issues early on so you can address them in a timely manner through proper maintenance or repairs.

Edmonton Property Inspections offers inspection services for all types of industrial buildings including warehouses, manufacturing plants, oilfield shops, aircraft hangars, and more. Their certified industrial building inspectors have extensive experience conducting inspections of electrical, mechanical and structural systems in industrial facilities. They use the latest tools and techniques to provide thorough inspections and detailed reports on the condition of your building.

Some of the major areas covered in their industrial building inspections include:

Structural inspection: Checks the foundation, walls, roofs, staircases and other structural components for any damage, deterioration or signs of movement. Identifies any areas that need structural repairs or reinforcement.

•Electrical inspection: Inspects the main power supply, substations, transformers, distributions panels, circuits, motors, lighting fixtures, backup generators, etc. for any issues that could pose a safety risk. Checks that all electrical systems are up to code.

Mechanical inspection: Inspects major mechanical equipment like HVAC systems, air compressors, exhaust fans, hydraulic lifts, conveyor belts, sprinkler systems, fire pumps, etc. Inspects plumbing, piping, boilers and pressure vessels to detect leaks, corrosion or other problems.

Roof inspection: Checks the roof for any visible damage, leaks, curling, alligatoring or worn spots in the roof membrane. Inspects roof drains, flashings, skylights and other roof fixtures. May use thermal imaging to check for moisture trapped in the roof space.

•Fire and life safety inspection: Checks that all fire protection systems like smoke alarms, emergency exits, fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, etc. are present and functioning properly according to fire code.

Environmental inspection: Checks for any environmental hazards like asbestos, lead or mold. May conduct tests for hazardous gases to check ventilation and air quality. Checks for compliance with all environmental regulations.

Getting professional industrial building inspections on a periodic basis is crucial for avoiding disruptions to your business operations and ensuring the safety of your staff and facility. Comprehensive inspection reports also come in useful when obtaining insurance or if any legal issues arise. So for industrial building owners and property managers, regular building inspections are a necessary investment.

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