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When looking for a commercial property inspector, here are some key things to consider:

  1. Qualifications: Look for a licensed inspector who has experience in inspecting commercial properties. Ensure they have the necessary qualifications and certifications, such as a Certified Commercial Inspector (CCI) designation.

  2. Knowledge: Ensure the inspector has a good understanding of commercial property systems, such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and structural systems. This can be determined by reviewing their background, education, and experience.

  3. Experience: Look for an inspector with years of experience in commercial property inspections. A seasoned inspector will have a thorough understanding of common issues that arise in commercial buildings.

  4. Reviews: Check the inspector's online reviews and ask for references. This will give you a good idea of their track record and whether previous clients were satisfied with their services.

  5. Report quality: Ask for a sample report to evaluate the inspector's reporting style, attention to detail, and thoroughness. A good inspector should provide a comprehensive report that identifies any potential issues and recommends appropriate actions.

  6. Availability: Ensure the inspector can accommodate your schedule and complete the inspection within a reasonable time frame.

  7. Cost: Compare pricing from different inspectors to find one that fits within your budget. However, don't let price be the only factor in your decision. You want to ensure you get a thorough inspection from a qualified inspector.

Overall, it's important to choose an inspector who has the right qualifications, knowledge, and experience to ensure a thorough inspection of your commercial property.

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