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Gary Hunt is our senior inspector who has many years of experience and also a gifted eye for building inspections and RV inspections.  He has been an inspector since 2002 and takes pride in taking the time it takes to do a proper inspection, ensuring all our valued customers that nothing will be missed.  Gary is a people person who prides himself on being extremely, honest, knowledgeable, and professional. Over the years he has inspected properties from small commercial buildings and industrial buildings to large commercial buildings and large industrial buildings as well as shopping center buildings, hospital buildings, hotel buildings, government buildings, airport buildings, RV's, and much more in Edmonton, and all across Alberta, Canada.  Gary loves his job and truly enjoys providing all customers with the best inspection service and experience that all consumers deserve.  He takes pride in reporting in a non-bias accurate way.  This along with experience and education is what Gary believes a good quality inspector should provide.  Gary also believes that all inspectors should continue with ongoing continuing education to ensure all inspectors are up to date.  Investing in one's education shows how committed an inspector is to his or her job ensuring that all consumers receive the best. Gary also trains inspectors and expects a strong work ethic from all his inspectors. Gary and our company take pride in providing customized inspection reports that are easy to understand with pictures, our findings, and recommendations. You deserve the best!  Call Edmonton commercial building inspections and Edmonton building and RV inspection services today.

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Gary was raised in a construction family.  His heritage is Canadian and British therefore he has an understanding of both Canadian and European construction. This includes cribbing, framing, roofing, electrical, plumbing, building structure, heating systems, HVAC and all aspects of buildings.  Gary also previously worked in Real Estate, which is an asset and this experience contributed to his becoming an expert in commercial building and RV inspections. Gary is passionate about his work, he has an eye for detail and throughly enjoys what he does best which is specializing in building inspections and RV inspection services. 



Crawley College of Technology Crawley, Sussex, England.

N.A.I.T pre-technology Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Commercial Building Inspection courses

through a large number of associations.   


We believe that all consumers deserve the best. Edmonton Commercial Building and RV Inspection Services.  Edmonton Building and RV Inspection Services.

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