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Type Of Inspections

We offer the following types of commercial building inspections , industrial building inspections, retail building inspections, modular building inspections and RV Inspections also known as recreational vehicle inspections.


Pre-purchase inspections, post purchase inspections, pre-lease inspections, post-lease inspections, bank financing inspections, annual maintenance and maintenance inspections, repair inspections building and Rv assessment inspections, insurance inspections, contractor dispute inspections, contractor inspections, water damage inspections, fire damage inspections, insurance inspections, government inspections and much more!

We also specialize in landlord and property management maintenance disputes:  It's not unusual and very common for for the landlord, property management and the lessee to have disputes on items that are not functioning correctly in their building and need repair, maintenance or replacement.  We specialize in inspecting these issues in a non bias 3rd party way to help resolve these issues for both parties with our inspection service and detailed inspection reports with pictures, our finding and recommendations.  With our inspection service we are  able to help resolve these issues between the two parties in a quick, painless and cost affective way.     


We can do complete inspections or partial inspection.  We do it all. Everyone deserves peace of mind with our non-bias inspection services.  We report on how we see it accurately. 

Roof inspections

Exterior inspections

HVAC inspections

Heating inspections

Structural inspections

Concrete inspections

Grade inspections

Electrical inspections

Plumbing inspections

Door and window inspections

Drainage inspections

Insulation inspections

Building condition assessment inspections

and much more!

Nothing is too big and nothing is too small.  We have been servicing Edmonton and all surrounding areas for the past 20 years. 

Who Are Our Customers


Business owners


Retail building owners


Leasing agents

Real estate lawyers

Commercial real estate agents

Insurance companies

Commercial property management companies

property maintenance companies


The courts

Municipal government

Provincial government

Federal government

Commercial leasing companies

Construction companies

RV dealer

RV repair

RV owners

and more.

Phone: (780) 665-7110 

Text us: (780) 885-3184

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