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Edmonton Commercial Building Inspection Services has been providing building inspection services and RV inspection services for over 20 years in Edmonton and area as well as the entire province of Alberta.  We are one of the longest standing inspection companies in Edmonton and one of the only companies that specialize in commercial, industrial, retail, modular building inspection services and RV Inspection Services. Call us today to book your inspection with one of our inspectors.


We offer the following types of inspections: pre-purchase inspections, post-purchase inspections, pre-lease inspections, post-lease inspections, maintenance inspections, building condition assessment inspections, government building inspections, contractor dispute inspections, renovation inspections, insurance inspections, building inspections, construction inspections, fire damage inspections, water damage inspections, insulation inspections, window inspections, door inspections, concrete inspections, grounds inspections, grade inspections, electrical inspections, plumbing inspections, roof inspections, exterior inspections, siding inspections, heating inspections, HVAC inspections, commercial building inspections, industrial building inspections, modular inspections, RV inspections, condo and apartment building inspections, retail building inspections, mold inspections,  asbestos inspections, air quality control inspections and much more.


"We are the trusted name that friends refer to friends"  

There are many reasons why it is very important for a consumer to have a 3rd party non-bias inspection from pre-purchase to maintenance to weather damage to fire and water damage issues, building condition assessments, and much more.  The most important thing for a consumer is having an accurate non-bias inspection completed before the consumer spends a lot of money and time to find out there are possible issues that could cost a consumer a lot more additional money, time, and stress to bring it up to standards.  One of the truest sayings is "You can't judge a book by its cover".  Prior to spending money and time you as a consumer deserve the peace of mind of knowing the condition of the building or RV before you spend money on buying it, renovating it, or repairing it.  A building inspector has no invested interest in telling a consumer something needs to be replaced when it doesn't.  We are your accurate trusted experts and our consumer promise is to report exactly how we see it with a non-bias inspection.  With each inspection, we provide you with a detailed inspection report with pictures, our findings, and recommendations. Book your inspection with us today and save time, money, and stress!  You will be happy you did! 

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